Nino was created by the designers of Elephant Parade, where these cartoon elephants collected over six million dollar for the Asian elephant. Nino is a fighting rhino, with one mission; getting the poachers out of his life, collecting money for rhino organisations and raising awareness using social media, websites, and real presence in famous zoo's


Every year more and more rhinos are being slaughtered. Last year alone 1000 rhinos have been killed. 2014 is well on its way to have even more killings. Rhinos shot, horns cut-off and left to die, even baby rhinos. For what? For their horns. Rhino horn on the black market is worth more than gold, because of the so called healing powers. Clearly a myth. Scientific proof, shows that biting your finger nails has the same result.


Nino The Mad Mad Rhino is a global symbol for the fight against rhino poaching. Raising money and awareness for these beautiful and prehistoric animals across the world. Where ever there is a rhino in danger, Nino and his friends will be there to fight off the poachers.